Vichy Neogenic Shampoo Review – New patented ingredient, really?

Vichy Dercos Neogenic Shampoo

Vichy Dercos Neogenic shampoo is pretty new shampoo from Vichy laboratories and they included their patented ingredient called Stemoxydine. This is unique ingredient and currently you can find it only in Vichy or L’Oreal products, because Vichy is just brand of L’Oreal.

They said this ingredient Stemoxydine can promote the hair regrowth and on some websites you can find you can expect 1700 new hair in 3 months when using product every or every second day. Before they had patented ingredient Aminexil which should have similar effect but when looking at Amazon or other commerce shop you can see reviews are not really best one.

But this shampoo they said work on five parameters – volume, density, strenght, body and hold. I believe that this Vichy Neogenic shampoo really works on parameters such as volume or strenght, because such shampoos are nothing new on market.

I tested this shampoo on my hair and I can say I really see better volume, strenght but nothing special. Shampoo is not realy cheap and in my country costs about 17$ for smaller version (200 ml). After more than 2 months of using this shampoo I can really do not see any new hair growth. One smaller version of Vichy Dercos Neogenic shampoo it is for about one month.

But such results I think you can get with some cheaper caffeine shampoo. Find some shampoo with caffeine, biotin and some vitamins and you should see same results. Product is not bad, but I expected more from such brand and price of shampoo. I do not say results are bad, but from higher-priced products is usually expected more.

But you can try it yourself and you will see how it works on your hair. Every human is different and this product works different on every person, but generally it will improve things.

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3 years ago
Product rating :

I think they are promising a lot with this shampoo but itself does not do much. Maybe with combination with their other products will this would this work better. I do no see anything special in their patented ingredient.