Trinov Lotion – Will be this soon best medicine for baldness?

Trinov Lotion

Trinov is something new coming on market in the end of December 2018 for baldness cure. They invested good amount of money and many years into searching solution for hair loss cure and now seems they found some solution for mens and also some womens.

I got some inside informations and product should fully cure baldness in 2 to 3 months. One lotion is one month supply, 30 ml. Trinov Lotion is pretty expensive and cost about 75$ and at the start it will be available just in Italy and then slowly expand to other markets. They asked for patent for ingredients inside this lotion and they got it. Product is secured and now other companies cannot copy their ingredients, but fakes will surely show on market.

Manufacturer want first test in on Italian market and if people will be satisfied then it will be available also on other markets. We already have few products on market for baldness cure such as Minoxidl, but these things are not permanent and results are going away soon.

I asked my inside informator if product results are permanent and he said that it will depend on invidual. When I will got more informations I will update this post and let you know guys.

But I think this is just another hype and product is not magic product that will fully cure baldness. I also do not think it will provide permanent results. Do you really think you can cure baldness fully for little more than 200$? If this will be possible this (Trinov Hair Lotion) is will be best-selling product in many markets, but based on my research I am not sure this will be the best medicine for baldness, maybe another 10 years will be needed for some great product in baldness cure niche.

Do not worry, we will update your with fresh informations when we will get any.

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