TenGenix Review

TenGenix Review

TenGenix is a brand of male enhancement pills that claims to increase penile tissue by as much as 40%. They guarantee you increase in size, stamina and sexual desire. I can found out information that formula or whole product is created by BioLabs. This is my own TenGenix Review and I don’t get paid for it.

I can say this company don’t have any public website and there is not any informations related to this company, but we can see that TenGenix is sold by company named TenGenix Inc., located in United States. They are not really active through mail support, but they agents on phone are really friendly and can answer any of your questions related to their product.

We can see website of Biomanix is similar as website from their competitors, but these are not really competitors. Behind this product is a huge company that produces a lot of different male enhancement product with different brand names. All products have almost same ingredients and almost same amount of it.

Results shown in their video on official website is totally exaggerated, because there is no such pill that gives such amazing growth as we can see on presentation video. But this is marketing video and such videos need to convince clients to buy product. I personally spoke with them and they say you can reach full potencial of this product (40% penile tissue expension) in 6 month. Their agents confirmed me that they have a lot of reorders, but these are phone agents and they are there to boost sales, so we can not really trust them.

I found a few bad reviews about TenGenix on forums, eBay and Amazon. But I did not found any great and real reviews about this product. We can not say that testmontials on they website are real, because they (and also other companies) are doing all stuff to increase sales of product. People on they website are saying that they 3 inches in 5 weeks and similar things, but that’s absoteluly not possible.

I suggest you to not buy this product from Amazon, eBay or similar websites. Really want to buy product? Then order it through their official website and you also get 90 day money guarantee back. They will return your money in case you return bottles to them within 90 days of the date when you ordered TenGenix products. Product is natural and shouldn’t have any side effects.

Did you tried product and want to post review? Do you have any questions? Post your comment now.

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3 years ago
Product rating :

I was expecting much money from Tengenix. There are better pills on market.