Ryan Reynolds Haircuts & Hairstyles


Ryan Reynolds is an actor who’s popularity has soared over the past decade. That’s why we are taking a closer look at his haircuts and hairstyles. Women love Ryan Reynolds so take a cue and get your haircut like him! Women will think you look a little like him.

Reynolds has been in several movies over the past years that have been incredibly successful including the recent Deadpool 1 and Deadpool 2, the former grossing over $800 million worldwide. He’s also been in several Marvel Comic movies like X-Men and Green Lantern.

Ryan Reynolds hairstyles are really impressive, since they match and complement his personality. You never see him with a bad haircut. Reynolds somtimes sports a buzzcut, a high fade or a comb-to-the-side fade. He has long and short haircuts.

Take a look at some of the best Ryan Reynolds haircuts…

Ryan Reynolds High Fade, Comb to Side

Ryan Reynolds Pikachu Hairstyle, Long comb back, low fade

Ryan Reynolds Long Hairstyle, Comb Back

Ryan Reynolds Buzz Cut, High Fade

Long Comb to Side, Fade

Short Fade, Comb to Side

High Fade, Longer Top Comb Over

Deadpool Hairstyle, Spiked, High Fade

Short Fade, Flat top

These are just a few of the best Ryan Reynolds haircuts. He has many more styles and variations on these haircuts.