33 New Popular Mens Hairstyles 2019

popular mens hairstyles

Yes guys, this week I’m back with new popular mens hairstyles.  In fact, different models are produced every day, but we are still trying to pick the most popular one’s for you. All these models look the same, for you. (The majority of comments made on Reddit show that you think this way.)

The reason is that all of the fade haircuts, popular in recent years are similar. When we look generally, we always see the sides are short and the tops are the long models. In this case they all look like the same model. And in this article I tried to choose different models for different face shapes. Other than these, the models used in conjunction with the beard in recent times are very popular. When you see the models in below, you will understand the situation better.

In total you will see 33, latest mens hairstyles in this article.  And as always, I will interpret the most my favorite 10 popular mens hairstyles for you.  (In the models after the first 10, they are again the most popular models. But I only interpreted the first 10 I like. )

Let’s get started.

Here, 33 Popular Hairstyles For Mens

1. Medium Length Hairstyles For Men + Beard

popular mens haircutsBeard has become indispensable for men in recent times. Women also find the bearded men more nice. So, hair styles that are compatible with beard like in the picture are very popular recently.

2. Angular Slicked Back Hair + High Fade +  Beard

mens hairstylesSlicked back hairstyles have become a popular style in recent times. Especially the fade is very useful with haircuts. And again beards.

3. Short Mens Hairstyles + Buzz Fade

mens haircutsMen’s short hairstyles are always popular among men. There are quite a lot of examples of this.

4. Braided Razor Part + Pompadour Hairstyles

This hair style is also very popular among young people. With Braided Razor Part, this pompadour hairstyle is quite popular nowadays.

5. Short Men’s Haircut + High Fade

Again an original hairstyle used with high fade haircuts. One of the most popular mens hairstyles.

6. Comb Over Hairstyle + Mid Fade

A comb over hairstyle for men fits perfectly often referred to. And again beard. (There’s something about men with beards that drive women crazy)

7. Curly Men’s Hairstyles  with Undercut

Do not worry, We have not forgotten the curly haired men. With its recent undercut trendy, this curly hairstyle is one of the best choices for those looking for a new style.

8. Textured Crop Haircuts + High Fade

And again a bearded model. Textured crop hair styles are also trendy in recent times.

9. Bald Fade Haircut + Thick Quiff Hairstyle

If your face shape is suitable for this model, you can use these and similar models yourself. As you can see, fade haircuts are used. Hairdressers love this cut recently.

10. High Fade with Pompadour

As in this model the pomp fade is the most popular way to wear a pompadour in 2019. It is easier to style because there are no sides to work back and the short sides  emphasize height on top.

11. Quiff Haircuts For Men

 12. High Fade + Short Hair + Short Beard

13.  Low Fade Haircuts + Thick Long Quiff

 14. High Skin Fade Haircuts + Textured

 15. High Fade Haircut + Curly Men Hairstyles + Beard

16. Layered Long Hairstyle

17. Long Fringe + Short Sides

18. Messy Hairstyle + Low Fade

 19. Long Wavy Hairstyles

20. Low Fade For Wavy Men Hairstyles

 21. Low Skin Fade For Long Wavy Hairstyles

 22. Messy Brushed Back Hair + Low Fade Haircut

 23. Long Men’s Hairstyles + Beard

 24. Messy Quiff Hairstyle + High Fade Haircuts

 25. Mid Bald Fade Haircuts + Textured Quiff

26. Side Part + Long Fringe + Mid Fade Haircuts

 27. Slick Back Hairstyle + Mid Fade Haircutpopular haircuts for men

 28. Short Sides + Long Wavy Back Hairstyle popular mens hairstyles

 29. Medium Length Hairstyles + Low FadeMedium Length Hairstyles

 30. Swept Side Hairtyles + FadeSide Quiff Hairtyle

 31. Slicked Back Hairstyles

 32. Textured Spiky Hairstyle 

 33. Thick Brushd Up Hairstyle + Beard

Thank you for reading, Please do not forget to comment. See you soon..

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