Penis Pump Reviews – Buying Guide (Updated for March 2019)

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Bathmate Hercules
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Big Man’s Pump
Rate4 star rate
3,5 star rate2 star rate
Water/Air VacuumBothBothAir
Cylinder Length8”8”12"
Seals/Sleeves1 with Standard kit, 3 with Extra kit, 5 with Premium kit1 attached 3
Color OptionsBlue, Clear, Green, Pink, Violet, OrangeBlue, Red, ClearClear
Warranty1 yearNo Questions Asked
Money Back Guarantee
Money Back Guarantee60 days14 day returnsReturn policy depends on vendor
PriceStandard - $79
Extra - $127
Premium - $197
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Starts from :$99

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$30 - $70

As a man, your sexual health is not only an important aspect of your overall health and wellness. Maintaining your sexual health also helps define you as a man, gives you self confidence, and gives you an air of youth and vigor. In recent years, men in their 40’s, 50’s, and sometimes even younger have been exposed to all kinds of marketing for penis enlargement pills, erectile dysfunction medication, and other sexual health supplements. It can be difficult to know how to determine if you really need any of these and which is right for you.

Another product marketed at men who want to take control of their sexuality and sexual health is the penis enlargement pump. What are male pumps? How can you decide which is best to purchase?

Consider the following comparisons of a few popular penis pumps to find out more about these products and decide which would be a good fit for you.


Male Pumps – Do They Work?

If you are skeptical about the idea of using an enlargement pump, you are not alone. Many men are unfamiliar with these devices and have only heard of them in movies or jokes. Before you decide that all pumps are just some funny sex toy, you should learn more about how they are designed and how they should be used properly.

Penis Pump Reviews

Pumps are made to give you a stronger, longer lasting, larger erection. They are usually crafted with a main cylindrical chamber which fits over your penis with a seal at the base that creates a vacuum. Using either water or air, you apply pressure to chamber which in turn enlarges your erection. Using a pump usually takes about 10-20 minutes depending on the model you are using. The increase in size you experience after using a pump typically lasts for a few hours, though some pump manufacturers claim that long term use leads to permanent penis extension.

The question is not just how they work, but rather, male pumps – do they work? One good way to decide is to read penis pump reviews online. Compare the reviews from several different manufacturers and pump models.

The following comparisons of 3 popular pumps will help you understand more about the differences in each model and the pros and cons of each pump.

1 – Bathmate Hydro Pump

Bathmate offers a variety of hydro pumps, including the Hercules model. Bathmate claims to be world’s best selling penis enlargement device, with over 200,000 satisfied customers. The Hercules features a simple design with an easy to read measurement guide on the outside of the main cylinder. It is a water pump and is made to be used in the shower or bath. Unlike some of the other pumps mentioned below, the Bathmate Hercules does not come with several sleeves of varying sizes.

The pump is designed to seal on the pelvic seat unlike other pumps that seal directly to the shaft of the penis. Sealing at the pelvic seat means that blood flow is improved along the entire length of the penis, so a pump made by Bathmate results in a longer, stronger erection.

As for long term Bathmate results, these are varied and differ significantly from person to person. While you should not expect instant penis growth after just a few weeks of using the pump, it is possible that you will see some permanent enlargement if you use the pump consistently.

Bathmate reviews can be found on a variety of websites online that sell penis pumps. Each individual’s review can give you additional information about what your experience with this pump might be like. In general, expect this from the Bathmate Hercules:

    • Easy to use
    • Gets you a strong erection
    • Great design and well-made
    • Price – around $110

2 – Penomet

Penomet claims to bring a totally revolutionary design to penis pumps, specifically because of its interchangeable gaiter system. The Penomet pump is water assisted and can function as either an air or water vacuum pump. This two part design is made to be comfortable, easy to use, and flexible.

The industry has bestowed some recent honors on Penomet, specifically the German Best New Male Enhancement Device 2013 and the Venus Award for Best New Product 2013. The cylinder itself is made from a nearly indestructible plastic and the gaiters are manufactured with medical grade silicon. The cylinder has a measurement guide printed directly on it in both inches and centimeters so that you can keep track of your Penomet results.


Penomet Testimonial

Who recommend penomet pump


While you might find the attachable pressure gaiters to be easy to lose or confusing, they are the key to the unique design of Penomet. The manufacturers recommend that you start with the lower pressure gaiters and gradually move up to the higher pressure gaiter to see larger erections and greater penis length gains. They also recommend some male enlargement exercises that you can do with your pump.


Some takeaways from Penomet reviews include:

    • Easy to use
    • Simple design
    • Detachable pressure gaiters help you notice gains and enlargement over time
    • Price – $127 for the Standard Pump, $197 for 2 additional gaiters, $297 for the premium kit
    • 60 day money back guarantee
    • Lifetime warranty

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3 – Vibrating Big Man’s Pump

The Big Man’s Pump is different from the aforementioned penis pumps because of its vibrating feature. It also is a traditional air vacuum pump and does not use water like the other two products. Measurement guidelines are printed on the main cylinder, which is longer than most pumps making this ideal for well endowed men who may completely fill other pump cylinders.

The Big Man’s Pump comes with three silicone sleeves that allow you to adjust the pump for your comfort. While some pumps can pull on the skin at the base of your penis, reviews for this product consistently mention a comfortable experience. The pump is also considerably less expensive than the other two, making it a good choice if you want to try a pump but are not sure you want to spend over $100 on one.


When comparing this pump to other options, keep in mind the following:

    • Air vacuum only; not made for use with a water vacuum
    • Includes 3 silicone sleeves
    • Vibration function requires 2 AA batteries
    • Extra long cylinder
    • Prices range from $30 – $70 depending on where you buy and which accessories are included.



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