Minerals and Multivitamins for men – Which Should You Use?


From the daily nutritional requirements of men to their sexual health, different men have varying health needs which could significantly differ from those of women. Specifically, the bodies of men require more calories than that of a woman. This simply because they are bigger and have considerably more mass to support. The earlier a man learns this better for them to start taking their nutritional and health needs seriously.

For instance, the recommended daily intake of calories by men is 2500 which is obviously higher than the 2000 recommended for women. Diets form an important part of keeping good health and therefore men should set a goal of eating a variety of foods to ensure that they are taking in all the essential nutrients needed by their bodies. Dieticians and health practitioners generally recommend that men base their meals on the starchy foods and also try to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. More fish is also recommended, not forgetting less saturated fat and sugar while ensuring to minimize salt intake which should not be more than 6grams.
Men's health products

Sexual health of men

Let’s face it; enjoying a fulfilling sexual life is obviously an important component in the lives of many men. This therefore means that, maintaining a good sexual health is paramount. While foods alone may not be able to give you all the nutrients your body requires to maintain a good sexual health and overall health, there are a range of health products and supplements sold over the counter and in online stores. These products are designed to assist in increasing your sexual satisfaction and that of your partner as well as for the sake of your general health.

Food supplements and minerals

Only a few people manage to eat the required proportions of the various essential nutrients from the food they eat. As a result, it is very important for the foods you eat to be supplemented with multivitamin for men and mineral supplements such as magnesium supplements and iodine supplements. A good number of men prefer to take vitamins, herbal supplements and mineral to get the necessary support for the natural operations of their body. The immune system is especially important to keep the general health of men in check and this explains why most men often consume vitamins for immune system. These immune boosting vitamins are very vital as they safeguard men from potential conditions and diseases that might inhibit their performance in the various roles they are expected to measure up to.

Benefits of vitamins and supplements for men

In the past, consumption of multivitamins for men was an after thought. They considered it less needed as they hoped to get more of the nutrients in the diets. However, things have since changed a little bit, perhaps because of the busyness that people have found themselves, especially with the daily hassles of making ends meet. Men are consequently searching for the men’s vitamins in order to maintain their health status in all aspects including their sexual health. If you did not already believe in the strength of men’s vitamins, it is time you noted how worthwhile they can be.

You might think that you are eating very well, but there is of course room for improvement, especially when in regards to vitamin D and zinc supplements. Zinc is considered a very powerful mineral that most of the people are always lacking. In an ideal world, every man and woman would obviously get all the required vitamins and supplements from the food they eat but that is just wishful thinking.

multivitamins to protect your body

So what is a person supposed to do?

Is it just about popping in a vitamin pill or kelp supplement and then leave it at that? The answer is obviously a no, there is something more. Men should be recommended to consume specific extra vitamins and supplements to supplement what they obtain from their varied and balanced diets. Men should be advised by their doctors on the right proportions of Spring Valley vitamins and Centrum vitamins they should consume to avoid any health problems. This is advised because consumption of too much supplements and vitamins might cause more harm than good. Research studies reveal that about 17% of men in the ages between 19 and 64 years confirmed having taken at least one dietary supplement in their life time. This means that although it is not that popular, there are men out there just like you who believe that dietary supplements are good for their health.

As it regards how much is vitamins and mineral supplements are, let’s consider a few examples of the important vitamins and supplements for men that could be harmful when taken in excess. Vitamin A for instance is an essential nutrient for men’s health but too much of it can be harmful. Specifically, excessive intake of this vitamin over a long period of time can affect the bones making them more prone to possible fractures as you in advance in age.

Another harmful product is magnesium supplement. Men should only consume 300mg of this useful element per day. Consuming excessively high doses of magnesium in a short period of time can make you suffer from diarrhea. As mentioned earlier, zinc is an important and very powerful nutrient needed by your body. It considerably helps your body in processing carbohydrates, fat and proteins that you obtain from the food you eat. It also helps in healing wounds faster. Unfortunately, consumption of high doses of zinc usually reduces the amount of copper that your body can absorb, leading to anemia and weak bones. Be careful when using extracts of Astragals which are marketed as life prolonging products as they can be potentially health threatening. Astragals are known to sometimes interact with medications and in turn suppressing the immune system and might also affect your blood sugar levels and the blood pressure.

These supplements come in different forms such as solaray vitamins and intramax liquid nutrition, which are helpful to some point but rather potentially harmful if used in excess.

Should men supplement?

Talk to your doctor first before making any major decisions, to ensure that you only get optimal benefits from consuming vitamins for men and mineral supplements.

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