Fade Haircuts

Messy / disheveled fade haircut

Popular Mens Fade Haircuts

The fade haircut is a popular mens hairstyle among young and older guys alike. The fade consists of short cropped hair, sometimes down to the flesh, with a gradually increasing length as you move up along the neckline and sides of the head above the ears. Fades typically culminate on top of the head where the hair is longer, or styled in a completely different manner. Sometimes the fade will blend into another hairstyle, or be used in combination with another popular style like a buzz cut, dishelveled look, or typical man’s part.

For instance, a flatop fade is a fade on the sides that culminates in a buzz cut with straight sides and a completely “flat” top. Hair is cut on top of the head to form the flat area. A messy-look fade blends into longer hair on the top that is simply mussed with a little bit of gel for a intentionally “messed up look”.

Why are fades a popular men’s hairstyle?

Fades give your head a very shapely appearance by accentuating the curve of the head and adding some depth. Without a fade style, the sides of your hair grow outward and look unkempt and messy. Fades tighten up the sides adding flair and style where they

What are the types of fade hair cuts?

Fade haircuts come in many shapes and sizes. Fades are typically used in conjunction with another hairstyle like a part, straight back, or even mohawk. Generally speaking there are high and low fades, fades with comb overs, disconnected or undercuts, parts, and slick backs. The fade buzz cut is also a very popular style.

Most typically, fades are given with other short-on-top buzz haircuts, or close-cropped cuts. This handful of fade haircuts includes a list of popular fade hairstyles today. Generally speaking you can find fades as a component of most mens hairstyles today.

How are fade haircuts given?

A fade haircut is done using a razor and guides that gradually increase in size as the stylist moves up the fade. When starting out giving a really close fade, the stylist ma even use a straight razor or shaver to cut the hair down to the skin. The stylist will shave the hair all the way around the bottom working their way up, incrementally increasing the lenght of cut to form a smooth, graduated fade. The trick to giving a fade haircut is to not cut too close right away, and to give the hair a very even, nearly imperceptible transition of length.

Why are fades used so often?

Fades are popular hairstyles because they give a clean, neat appearance and they are short. Short hairstyles are easy to maintain and require little fuss. The fade generally stays as is until it grows in. You do not need to gel or mousse the fade. It also provides transition and shape to the sides of the head which can otherwise look very plain.