Men Hair Care In 7 Steps

mens hair care

Today we will talk about men hair care which is very important for men. In the article, we tried to include methods that anyone could apply. Once you have followed these steps, be assured that your hair will be better cared for.

Men hair care in seven simple steps:

1. Applying Oil

men hair care

Your first step should be to apply oil on your head, before you go to bed, or at least in the evening. You should make sure that you do not go out of your house, or you should take care of the fact that your hair to not get affected by the dust outside after you apply oil is on your hair. If you go out quite frequently, it is advisable that you play hair before going to the bed, or if you stay home in the evening, you can apply it is a really good as well. Earlier you apply oil, better will it be for you.

2. Cleaning It (perhaps the most important for men hair care)

After you sleep with oil on your hair for one night, you should go to the washroom, and wash your head, or take a bath. If you don’t have the tendency to take bath in the early morning, you should just wash your head with water, and then apply shampoo on it. It is advisable that you go for a natural shampoo, which strengthens your scalp. Depending upon the pollution in your area, you can apply shampoo more than once.

3. Keeping Dry

Keep your hair wet for some time, and then dry it off with a hairdryer, or just wipe it with a piece of dry cloth. In the case of men it is not going to be a big trouble to dry your hair, and in most of the cases, men have short hair compared to that of women. You should not keep your hair completely wet, as in case you do that, you can be victimized by a cough and cold. Just keep your hair moist for at least 5 to 10 minutes after your bath, and then dried off.

4. Follow Regularly

You should follow the three steps mentioned above on a regular basis, and in case the pollution in your area is very low, you can apply shampoo on the alternative days, but it still depends on how much you go out, and how much you exposed to the dust.

5. Apply Serum

In case you are going out, then you should apply serum on your hair, which will stop your hair from attracting dust, which is quite common outside. A lot of serums are available in the market, and you should always go for a natural one, which has no side effects on your hair.

6. Using Gel

If you maintain your hairstyle, here generally something which is very common. Always try to use the hair gel on your hair instead of using it on the scalp, and all kind of hair gels, which are available in the market are not actually good for your scalp. Just apply the hair gel after you apply the hair serum.

7. Applying Water

The last but not the least is to clean your hair from time to time when you are outside your home. When you go out of your house and spend hours under the sun or export in the dust, try to play water on your head, which can at least keep away minute dust particles from your hair.

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