Mansize 3000 Review

Mansize 3000

Mansize 3000 is probably one of the cheapest product for male enhancement that you ever seen. Mansize 3000 is produced somewhere in Thailand and most of this supplement is sold through eBay. This product is natural product and should not have any side effects.

Also results vary from person to person, but this product may give you some benefits like bigger, harder, fuller erections and few other effects. This product people order usually because they want to gain some size. This product may have some effect on your size, but this size increase is short time lasting and as soon as you will stop taking these pills, effects will dissapear.

They suggest you to take 6 capsules per day and that is 3000 mg per day. I agree that low doses of ingredients do not have any effect. But generally I could not find any information about ingredients inside these pills on eBay product page. Price of this product is cheap just because of reason that this product is made in Thailand and products from this country are usually really cheap, but this do not mean they are not effective.

I personally think this product is good for male enhancement, but not for penis enlargement but a lot of depends on ingredients itself and ingredients quality. The really bad thing is that shipping can take about two months and because it is coming from 3rd country you may have some problems with customs – depends on country and laws in your country.

In case you have time to wait for slow shipping then you can test this product and see results yourself. As sellers of this product said this product may work for somebody and for some other person this product may not fit. It is hard to find any reviews about this product online as this product is not really popular outside eBay and similar places. But we all know that such products on eBay are a lot of times not effective.

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3 years ago
Product rating :

Very cheap but effects are too very cheap. Trust me, it is not maximum strenght.
Do not expect much from it, it is from Thailand.