How to Stop Sweating So Much – 5 Strategies to Stop Sweating


Sweating is a natural process of the body that has many benefits. It helps with thermoregulation, keeping your body at a stable and healthy temperature regardless of what the weather is like.  Sweat is also known to protect your skin from foreign substances. And your skin’s pores open up while perspiring, which serves to clear up your skin much like a steam facial would.

how to reduce sweating

Despite its benefits, there are many cases where sweat can become uncomfortable. This is especially true for people who suffer from excessive sweating. Stains and marks on your clothing, perspiration dripping from your forehead, and other related excessive sweating problems are worth avoiding.


How can you stop sweating so much? What causes sweating to get out of control? And what can you do if you find you are sweating for no reason?


1 – Check Your Deodorant/Antiperspirant

If the antiperspirant you currently use is still leaving you with sweaty underarms and sweat marks all down your shirts, you should probably make a change. Certain brands contain stronger ingredients designed to block your sweat glands. If you are having severe sweating problems despite having tried a few different deodorant options, talk to your doctor to find out if you should be using a prescription strength product.


Deodorant ingredients function by getting into sweat ducts and clogging them to prevent both odor and excessive sweat. You may be able to prevent reduce sweating just by changing the time when you apply your deodorant. That is because you tend to sweat more in the morning than any other time of day. If you apply your product when you are sweating more, it can just get washed away. Apply it in the afternoon and evening instead to make it more effective.


2 – Address Sweat All Over Your Body

Most people think of antiperspirants as being just for your underarms. But if you experience feet sweating or perspiration in other parts of your body, you should use a deodorant product there as well. Antiperspirant sprays make application easy. Be careful, however, when applying these products to sensitive skin areas, like your groin or face.


3 – Keep Your Head Cool

Head sweating is a problem for many people, especially on the forehead, brow, and neck. What causes sweating in these areas? Often, it is excessive exposure to the sun or simply excessive heat to the face and head. Keep things cool and reduce your sweat production with these tips:

    • Wear a hat. Simple, yet effective. Keeping your head shaded will stabilize your body temperature and reduce your need to sweat.
    • Use sunglasses. Strong sunlight to your face and eyes is sure to raise your body’s temperature and make it perspire in order to even things out. Stay cool with a nice pair of shades.
    • Stay in the shade. If you must be outdoors during the hottest times of day, try to stay in the shade whenever possible.


4 – Reduce Stress and Stay Calm

Stress can trigger sweat production. If you are already feeling nervous and then you beginning to sweat uncontrollably, chances are you are only going to become more anxious. That means that you need to plan ahead for stressful situations and find ways to stay calm. That will help you prevent sudden sweating, sweaty palms, and other symptoms of anxiety sweating. Some ways to keep cool and calm are:

    • Breathe deeply. Controlled, deep breathing can quickly and naturally calm your nerves.
    • Be confident. If you are stressed because of a meeting, of an upcoming presentation, or to meet someone, prepare yourself ahead of time so that you can be confident when the moment arrives.

In severe cases of sweating of the hands, prescription strength antiperspirants can be applied and Botox injections to the hands can be used to limit the ability of the nerves to trigger perspiration.


5 – Drink Plenty of Cool Water

Staying well hydrated will help maintain your body’s natural temperature. That prevents your nervous system from needing to sweat just to keep at homeostasis. Cold water on a hot day can do a lot to beat the heat and keep your body cool.

As you sip on water throughout the day, try to avoid hot drinks and beverages containing caffeine. Hot drinks raise your body temperature and can cause sweating. Caffeine can cause anxiety in some people and is therefore linked to sweat production.

drink cold water

By learning how to reduce sweating, you can stay cool and dry throughout the day. Apply these 5 strategies to feel comfortable and confident without the fear of excess sweating. If, despite putting these suggestions into practice and making other changes, you still find that you are sweating for no reason, speak to your doctor.

Each person is unique, so it may be that some of these strategies are not particularly effective for you. Do not give up. By being flexible and determined to overcome your perspiration problem, you can achieve success.