Can Green Tea Extract Help You Burn Fat?


Obesity is a real problem – even an epidemic – all over the world. Men of all ages are being affected. And the problem is very serious; being significantly overweight puts you at risk for a long list of dangerous health problems.

Health issues, of course, are not the only reasons to find a way to burn fat and get a trim look. After all, looking good and being confident in your appearance is great for your self-esteem, personal worth, and overall feeling of satisfaction with your life.


You can find countless suggestions on how to burn fat fast. Television infomercials, spam emails, website advertisements, and magazine ads all feature the latest and greatest supplements, minerals, powders, and pills for losing weight fast. How can you know which to choose and which will really be effective?


One of the most popular and most well-known sources of a fat burning boost is green tea. This simple drink from brewed tea leaves has been sipped since ancient times by various cultures where its health benefits have been cherished for centuries. But does green tea really burn fat? Should you use green tea fat burner pills? And what kind of results can you honestly expect from these kinds of fat burning supplements?


Burning Fat – The Facts

The truth is that there is no magic pill – made from green tea or any other substance – you can take to automatically burn the fat off your body. In reality, getting a slim, muscular look takes a combination of the following:

    • Healthy Diet
    • Active Lifestyle
    • Regular Exercise
    • Determination
    • Willpower

Adding green tea or green tea extract to your already healthy, balanced diet can help you boost your weight loss and achieve your personal goals faster. How does it do this?


Green Tea and Your Personal Weight Loss

While your body needs sugars, carbohydrates, and fats to stay healthy, too much of a good thing can turn into something bad. You need to use those substances you consume and burn calories throughout the day in order to get rid of your extra pounds. Green tea helps in a few ways:

  • Reducing Triglycerides: As sugars and fats are processed in your liver and small intestine, triglycerides formed. These substances are critical to keeping your energy levels up and remaining healthy, but if you have too many, they eventually convert into fat tissue. Polyphenols, though, can activate your body’s natural ability to eliminate those pesky triglycerides. Since green tea is high in polyphenols, it can aid in stopping your body from continuing to amass fat tissue.

Recent studies have shown that just drinking green tea on a regular basis leads to natural weight loss. Research conducted in 2005 showed that “people who drank a bottle of tea fortified with green tea extract every day for three months lost more body fat than those who drank a bottle of regular oolong tea.” ( Clearly, there are good reasons to believe in green tea’s fat fighting properties.



Adding Tea to Your Daily Routine

What can you do to make sure this powerful drink is part of your daily routine?

  • Take Green Tea Extract: The extract is removed from green tea leaves and then prepared as a pill or capsule. You can find many different options in local health food stores and online vendors.
  • Drink Green Tea: If you like the flavor, you can prepare your own tea at home and enjoy it throughout the day. An easy way to remember to get the recommended 4 cups daily for maximum health benefits is to make a large jug and keep it chilled in the fridge. Add honey or lemon for flavor if you do not care for it plain.
  • Use Green Tea Fat Burner Pills: These supplements usually contain additional energy boosting ingredients to promote weight loss, much like Phen375. Be sure to check all of the ingredients so that you know what you are taking.

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Burn Fat Successfully

There are lots of ways to lose weight and a variety of fat burning supplements on the market. Compare green tea fat burner reviews to find out about the experiences others have had with similar products. You are sure to find body building supplements and weight loss pills to help you achieve your personal health goals.

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