George Clooney Haircuts, Recent and Past


George Clooney’s Recent and Past Haircuts

What is the best George Clooney haircut? It’s not easy to tell with every actor, but Clooney really sticks to one simple style because it works with his type of hair and look.

George Clooney is one of the world’s most recognizable movie stars, producers and writers–and for good reason. His movies and TV shows which include the classic medical drama ER which first aired in 1994 and ran for 15 seasons, and dozens of major motion pictures, have grossed over $3 billion dollars. That’s an enormous haul for an actor, producer, writer and director and #52 worldwide so far. So, when George Clooney’s haircut makes news, it’s nothing to sneer at. The way Clooney wheres his hair is worth noting.

Here’s some of George Clooney’s haircuts and hairstyles–some of  the most famous and notable and ones you should really take a cue from. This man knows what he’s doing, and he’s reaping the rewards of a solid, dependable look that never fails.

Clooney’s haircuts are not very dramatic in contrast. They run from the typical gentlemen’s haircut–a short slight fade and comb to the side, to the long comb back, to the shorter buzz cut. Most often he sports a short slick back haircut with a high fade. This is the typical Clooney hairstyle.

George Clooney in a Short Fade Comb to Side (Typical Guys Hairstyle)

George Clooney in a Longer Fade with Comb to Side

Clooney with Longer Hair

You need a strong palmade or fiber cream to keep longer hair in check.

George Clooney in Short Buzz Cut

George Clooney in Mussed Fade (Messy Look)

He uses hair product to create a slightly mussed up but well-kempt look. A fiber cream or palmade will do the trick.

All of these looks are great on George Clooney. The actor just knows how to pull them all off! His most common look is the most typical and regular guys hairstyle we see most often. So, take a cue from a man who has aced the Hollywood scene. Sometimes a boring haircut works!

George Clooney’s haircuts are nothing extraordinary but its the clothing and the man that really make the look complete.