Extenze Review – Does It Really Work? Read My Research to Find Out


What is extenze? This is a common question especially for people hearing about it for the first time. Well, to ensure that we are reading from the same page and for better understanding, let us start by learning what it is. It is herbal nutritional supplement which claim to promote enlargement of the penis through natural means. It is also known for improving or arousing a person’s sexual experience.

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How does extenze work?

Before you go ahead and buy extenze, you should first learn how it works. Does extenze work? This is a common question among prospective users of this drug. Before we establish how it works, it is firstly important to point out that it really does work. This natural male enhancement forms an important part of treatment for a range of sexual disorders such as low sex drive and erectile dysfunction. The manufacturers and a number of extenze testimonials seems
to point out that it also helps in penis enlargement. The makers also claim that the effects experienced are permanent.

You should know how to take extenze to avoid any problems. For starters, this drug should not be used multiple times but just when it is needed. One should only consume one extenze pill or capsule per day to achieve positive extenze results.

“Am always embarrassed each and every time am in a sexual session because I don’t last long, but since I got introduced to extenze I have regained my life and stamina back. I now last longer during sexual session and proof that am a man each and every time. There are also visible signs that I have noticed they include sexual vitality, increased sexual performance, increased stamina and a large firmer and lasting erection that makes penetration easier.”
– Mark

“Extenze is worth much more than I paid. You won’t regret it. We have no regrets!”

– Lloyd  – Comment from answers.yahoo.com

Erection and penis size problems are very embarrassing, perhaps the most humiliating problems a man can ever have. In this regard, men should
continually aim to improve their situations to enhance their sexual performance. Extenze is one of the solutions that men with this problem may consider buying and using as instructed. This therefore makes this natural supplement a very important solution for men who have difficulties performing in bed. However, before you rush and make easy online purchases, let’s establish a number of important issues that must be brought to your attention.

Extenze ingredients

As mentioned earlier, extenze is an herbal supplement promoted in the United States for naturally enhancing males. Even though its controversial television commercials fail to claim that this herbal supplement enlarges penis, most of the websites that sell it usually do. Extenze capsules normally contain ingredients that promote energy, increases blood flow and also increase libido and consequently attracting erectile dysfunction and impotency. This male enhancement supplement contains a great blend of herbal complexes, amino acids and nutrients that increases flow of blood to the penis. It contains the following specific ingredients:

  • Vitamin and Mineral Ingredients

Every capsule of extenze comprises of 400mcg folic acid, which is a part of the vitamin B complex and 25mg zinc oxide. Folic acid is well known for helping in the prevention of anemia of the blood.

  • Pro-hormone support Ingredients

Each capsule of this natural supplement contains 50 mg of micronized DHEA and 10 mg of pregnanolone. DHEA is considered a building block for sex hormones and it may help men solve their erectile dysfunction, especially in the event that they have low testosterone.

  • Bio enhancement support ingredients

Every capsule of this herbal supplement is listed to contain 25mg of a mix of black pepper seed, ginger root and piper longum. Ginger root is considered to contain anti inflammatory properties.

  • Sexual response enhancement ingredients

Every capsule of this herbal supplement contains a combination of yohimbe bark extract, Korean ginseng root extract, tribulus terrestris extract and cnidium monnier seed among many others. Specifically, yohimbe is very important as it is known to help men suffering from erectile dysfunction. This ingredient is especially useful if the erectile dysfunction is caused by psychological problems. In addition, tribulus terrestris is known to increase sexual activity.

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How long should I use it?

You should continue consuming this natural supplement every other day until you achieve the desired results. You may take for as long as you want but manufacturers say that one should have achieved maximum results in about a three to four months, this is the time when majority of users reach obtain their ideal size. If you are already wondering where to buy extenze, you might want to consider buying from well reviewed online stores and websites that offer money back guarantee. This way you can be sure not to lose your money in the event that you have a feeling it is not working for you.

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What are the extenze side effects?

Just by going through Extenze for men evaluation and extenze testimonials, it is easy to tell that extenze pills is relatively cheaper compared to other supplements that serve similar purpose. Additionally, its side effects are also much easier to remedy and control compared to other erectile dysfunction drugs and supplements. It has therefore become one of the best choices due to its economical state and the fact that its side effects are not exactly extreme. With this knowledge, you can ultimately improve your sexuality and even boost confidence when engaging in sexual activities.

So what are the side effects of this useful and highly economical male enhancement supplement? Is extenze safe? One really needs to get answers to these questions before giving it enough confidence.

The following are some of the side effects of extenze male enhancement:
  • Prolonged use of this natural supplement makes a person experience difficulties to sleep as they make them stay awake longer than is usually the case.

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  • This natural supplement of enhancing male is known to have a severe side effect associated with cardiovascular problems of the user. The ingredients used in the production of these supplement might make the heart work harder than it usually does. This is especially the case because the drug is expected to make the blood flow throughout the body to cause erection. Therefore, its prolonged use might increase the heart rate which might be harmful for people suffering from high blood pressure.
  • One could also experience an allergic reaction with the body. This might come in the form of respiratory challenges, swollen face and even swelling of the mouth. Some people might even problems swallowing food and some tightness around the chest area. Other people have reported incidences of blurred vision, skin rash and hives after using the supplement.

Nevertheless, most of the users are certain that this drug enlarged their penis, boosted their sexual activity and enhanced their libido. If you have such problems, it is time you took matters into your own hand by purchasing extenze for men. You deserve a great an amazingly enticing sexual experience with your partner, not an otherwise embarrassing encounter.

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