Biomanix Review

Biomanix Review

Online you can find a lot of fake reviews about Biomanix, but this post is real Biomanix review, not paid advertisement. Biomanix is a brand of male enhancement pills that claim different things – increase penis size, increase erection hardness, last longer and much more.

Sellers of Biomanix claims that increase erection size by 32%. A lot of similar products claim similar things, but truth is usually something else. Clinically tested pills, but we can not find any information about these test provided by doctors – maybe they just do not want to provide some evidence only, who knows.

Product is sold by Biomanix inc., but looks like they are also connected with some other big male enhancement brands like Tengenix and few others. Their agent on phone confirmed that they are connected with other brands, product are almost same, just another concetration of ingredients. They claim product is from natural ingredients and don’t have any side effects.

Their website is create to make you sure they are selling the best male enhancement pill on market, they provide a lot of information that are not really related to their product. Ingredients in their product are really great to make your sex life better, but we are not sure if they really provide you such penis growth.

Makers of some male enhancement pills many times talk about amazing results, but there isn’t any pill that will give you fast growth of penile tissue. Anyway you can them on their free number and ask agent about product, their agents are really friendly and they will answer on all your questions.

They ship these pills worldwide, but you may have to pay customs fees (depends on country where you live). Pills are really expensive, but they are worth money (if they works). They offer you 90 day money back guarantee, but you will need to return bottles to their address and this may be expensive, if you are not from United States.

Biomanix Amazon

A lot of people ask me, if they can get through Amazon. Yes, you can get it. But be careful, because there is a lot of chance that you will order a fake product that probably won’t work as original one. We suggest you to order through official website, if want really order this product.

Biomanix Price

You can buy 1 month, 3 month or 6 month supply of Biomanix. One month supply cost $59.95, three month supply cost $119.95 and six month supply cost $179.95. We can say this product is not cheap, but if gives you results it’s worth every cent you paid for it.

Biomanix Coupon Code

You can’t get any coupon for this product, but you can go to ordering product and then try to close website and then they will offer you 5% discount on your order. It’s not much, but it’s better than nothing. When any working coupon code will be available you can be sure, we will add it to our Biomanix review.

Biomanix Where to Buy

You can’t find this product at local stores or somewhere else. This product is available only through their official website. Maybe you can find this product also on eBay or Amazon, but be careful (you can receive a fake product).

Biomanix GNC

I know GNC is popular store in United States and a lot of people is asking for this product in GNC store. But as you probably already know from my review you can’t find this product at any local stores, this product is available just through website, so stop wasting your time.

Biomanix Customer Reviews

We found and get some customer reviews for Biomanix and reviews are really mixed. Some people claim product sucks, others say this product helped them, but not much as they expected. We can say this product probably is not the best choice, but could be good to try. Again I want to be careful when checking reviews of this product – my Biomanix review is real one, but online you can find a lot of paid reviews. Maybe you like my Biomanix review or not, but it’s based on real facts and informations.


  • Popular male enhancement product
  • Great customer support through phone
  • Not declared number of each ingredient


  • Expensive product
  • Available just on their official website
  • No any information about their clinical tests
  • Expensive worldwide shipping price
  • Mixed customer reviews
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3 years ago
Product rating :

Same as Tengenix and simlar brands – not very good. Show some results but not as much as they claim.