10+ Best Fade Haircuts For Men


Fade haircuts which are quite popular in last year, are likely to be equally popular in 2019. The fact that the sides of the hair to fade and to foreground the upper parts of the hair to the fore are quite suitable for men.

Fades are also usually drop fades, which arc down behind the ears instead of following a straight line. This cut looks great with short, medium and long hairstyles. Also, Fade is really flattering for round and diamond face shapes but also works really well for oval and square faces.

You can see the fade haircuts we have selected for you below;

1. Temple Fade Afro

2. Short Hair and Mid Fade

3. Taper Fade

This bald taper fade combines the two with short hair around the sides and back that quickly tapers down to the skin at the temples and around the back of the neck.

4. Burst Fade

This side part hairstyle features a taper around the ears instead of the more common high, low or mid fade. A model in this way would be quite suitable for the upper lovers.

5. Short Hair and Mid Fade

The mid length fade can be added to any haircut of any length. It is with a textured short hairstyle. Clean cut sides and tousled waves on top is a cool combination.

6. Mid Fade Long On Top

Most mid length fade hairstyle are long on top with short sides and back.  Just like these haircuts.

7. Low Fade with Beard

It is one of the best type of fade wear with beard.

8. Temple Fade Haircut

9. Mid Fade

The classic style  a low, mid or high fade but this one new modern version also features a defined part and a touch of a slick back at the forehead.

10. Mid Length Skin Fade and Beard

fade haircuts

Medium length hairstyles for men are very popular at the moment. And clean looking mid fade.

11. Low Bald Fade

fade haircutsA well-executed blurry bald fade is the ultimate clean cut finish for any hairstyle. And the higher hairline makes for an easy to wear cut that looks good growing out.

12. Low Taper Fade

It is similar to a conical fade but longer.








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